We are comprised of faculty, staff, and students located on several campuses of The City University of New York (CUNY).

Environmental Crossroads @ ASRC

Charles J. Vörösmarty
  • Director, Environmental CrossRoads Research Group, ASRC
  • Director, Environmental Science Initiative, ASRC
  • Professor, Civil Engineering, CCNY

Anthony D. Cak
  • Associate Director, Environmental Science Initiative, ASRC

Brian Giebel
  • Manager, Advanced Laboratory for Chemical and Isotopic Signatures
  • Research Assistant Professor

Pamela Green
  • Senior Research Associate

Peter Groffman
  • Professor, Environmental Sciences Initiative
  • Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Brooklyn College

Tian Luan
  • Research Assistant

Ariel Miara
  • Research Associate

Shruti Khadka Mishra
  • Affiliate Faculty

Vanesa Rodríguez Osuna
  • Senior Research Associate

Bernice Rosenzweig
  • Research Associate

Zachary Tessler
  • Manager, Coastal Science Synthesis Facility
  • Research Assistant Professor

Environmental Crossroads @ CCNY

Shahab Afshari
  • Ph.D. Candidate and Research Assistant, Civil Engineering, CCNY

Jessika Alvarez
  • Undergraduate Student

Michael Brown
  • Ph.D. Student, CCNY

Fang Cao
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate

Maria Cogliando
  • Undergraduate Student

Liz Corbett
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate

Fabio Corsi
  • Research Associate

Aaron Davitt
  • PhD Student in Water Resources, CUNY Graduate Center

Darlene Dube
  • Special Projects & Web Design

Balazs Fekete
  • Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, CCNY

Dennis Githui
  • Financial Assistant

Andrea Gomez
  • Master's Student, CCNY

Rehnuma Islam
  • Master's Student in Geology, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, CCNY

Kat Jensen
  • PhD Student, Earth & Environmental Science, CUNY Graduate Center

Ashfaq Khan
  • Master's Student

Natalia Ladiko
  • Undergraduate Student

Brian Lamb
  • PhD Student

Laura Logozzo
  • Master's Student, CCNY

Kate Mathura
  • Senior Office Assistant

Kyle C. McDonald
  • Terry Elkes Professor, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, CCNY

Alana Menendez
  • Master's Student, CCNY

Mahrokh Moknatian
  • PhD Student in Water Resources Engineering, Civil Engineering, CCNY

Michael Piasecki
  • Associate Professor for Water Resources, Civil Engineering, CCNY

Natalia Quinteros
  • PhD Student, CCNY

Valentina Rappa
  • Undergraduate Student

Jessica Rosenqvist
  • Master's Student, CCNY

Paula Scardino
  • Master's Student

Nicholas Steiner
  • Postdoctoral Associate

Derek Tesser
  • PhD Student

Maria Tzortziou
  • Associate Professor, Earth & Atmospheric Science, CCNY

Reiner Zimmermann
  • Research Collaborator, Hohenheim University (Stuttgart, Germany)